What is Adrafinil? How Adrafinil Works. The Ultimate Adrafinil Guide

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What is adrafinil? How adrafinil works. The ultimate adrafinil guide

What is adrafinil? It is an incredible Nootropic that has been said to promote alertness. Adrafinil is one of the most common chemicals available for studying its effects on alertness, productivity, wakefulness, and mood.

The French laboratory that developed adrafanil found after closer inspection and animal testing that adrafinil actually produced stimulating effects in various subjects. Soon afterward they discovered that adrafinil was a modafinil prodrug, meaning that adrafinil is metabolized into the modafinil in vivo.


What is adrafinil and how does it work?

Adrafinil is converted to modafinil in vivo. As a precursor to modafinil, adrafinil this conversion occurs in the liver. Effectively, studying the in vivo effects of adrafinil after it is metabolized to modafinil, would be comparable to studying the effects of modafinil itself.

However, a significant amount of adrafinil is lost as it is being metabolized into modafinil. This reality helps to illuminate why modafinil has been the preferred form, as it is bio-available immediately and does not require liver conversion. However, modafinil is available only by prescription, whereas people can buy adrafinil as a research chemical for laboratory use. This has resulted in much discussion of adrafinil among the nootropic community.

In vivo, adrafinil rapidly changes over to modafinil within an average of 60 minutes. While adrafinil has a short half-life, when converted to modafinil, the half-life becomes 12-15 hours.

Specialists have proposed that modafinil acts on serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine while additionally expanding histamine discharge, expanding glutamate, and diminishing GABA activity. These neurotransmitter effects are what causes adrafinil to exert its activity. It is said that adrafinil, like modafinil, has shown to increase alertness,  focus, and response time.

Adrafinil and modafinil have similar pharmacological effects and mechanisms of action.


Areas of research for adrafinil

Most of this research has been done on modafinil. Adrafinil converts to modafinil in vivo.


Most researchers favor this compound to other stimulants since it doesn’t incite a condition of hyperactivity yet rather battles the inclination to sleep without extraordinarily influencing state of mind or capacity to focus.


Adrafinil has been suggested as a potential memory-boosting aid in addition to its uses as a narcolepsy treatment but further studies are needed to validate this effect.

Cognitive Impairment:

When contrasted with a typical antidepressant in an investigation containing older research subjects, adrafinil showed more prominent effectiveness as a treatment for turning around psychological impedance – particularly cognition speed and physical development. This proposes future preliminaries and uses in the region of cognitive improvement.


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