What is the SARM Ban in 2020?

You may have heard about the proposed SARM ban in 2020. The information on this page will help you understand what is happening with legislation on SARMs.

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are not anabolic steroids, however a new bill proposes that SARMs become federally scheduled as schedule III. This would mean that they would have the same legal status as anabolic steroids.

Here is a link to the Congressional Bill for the 2020 SARM ban.

What will happen if SARMs are banned?

Unfortunately for research chemical SARM manufacturers and suppliers such as ELV Bioscience, this will mean that we can no longer offer them to customers without a DEA schedule III license quota.

There was a proposed bill to schedule SARMs in previous years, but it did not progress. However, this year (2020) the current bill has a lot of support, and is likely to pass at some point.

Why would SARMs be banned?

It is unfortunate that some groups selling and promoting SARMs did so in an obvious way to promote their use outside of legitimate research. This is the major contributing factor to the pending legislative changes.

Why you should be very careful buying SARMs in 2020.

Sadly, 99% of research chemical suppliers get their raw materials from China, and manufacture their products in a non GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) setting. This can be expected within the industry of research chemicals, because it is not a highly regulated space.

China has also passed laws that prohibit the manufacturing of SARMs, thus making the production and supply of SARMs and research chemicals from China illegal. This is already in effect, so here at ELV Bioscience, we caution customers that it is possible that other suppliers are selling adulterated, under-dosed, mis-labeled, or “empty” products (i.e. containing no active ingredients) due to raw material supply shortages.

Given the current coronavirus concern, we urge customers strongly to ensure that they only purchase from a SARM and research chemical supplier who does not source their raw materials from China.

Here is a link to the new Chinese laws making SARM and other research chemical production and sale illegal.

How to buy SARMs in 2020.

If you’re going to buy SARMs online in the face of the 2020 SARM ban, it would not be unreasonable to question potency, quality, and product integrity from the majority of SARM suppliers. Given the issue of raw material shortage for the majority of suppliers that source from China, we recommend you choose a supplier like ELV Bioscience for USA made SARMs while you can still legally obtain them.

ELV Bioscience SARM products have a 3 year minimum shelf life, so stock up while you still can for your research needs.